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Solar Rooftop PV

Elevating Sustainability with Solar Rooftop Solution

Solar Rooftop Solutions For Industrial, Residential & Commercial Spaces

The biggest problems that an individual or a commercial space owner faces today, in terms of energy consumption, are the rising electricity bills and power outages. To top it all, the complete dependence on conventional sources of grid electricity is never a cost-worthy eeling. We understand and empathize with your concerns. This is where, we bring in the solar energy as independent or axillary energy source into your lives and your systems.
Imagine your home and work spaces lit up with the clean and green power of solar systems mounted on your rooftops by harnessing sunshine that we receive almost throughout the year.

Is My Rooftop Solar Friendly?

You would be happy to know that most Indian states have a Rooftop, Solar Policy. This allows you to get solar panels installed on your rooftop that shall be used to produce electricity. The only deciding factor, in this regard, is whether there is enough space on your rooftop for the panels. At Sungreen, we have specialized teams to carry out all the processes, right from concept to engineering and from data to analytics. Our Rooftop, Solar Calculator will help you to assess whether the solarization potential of your infrastructure.

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Benefits Of Rooftop Solar

Bring intelligent automation to your solar power plant