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Company Vision & Mission

A Smarter Today for A Safer Tomorrow


For The Future

Since the very beginning, our mission was to be a futuristic company. This is why we offer innovative solar solutions for our clients who can make the best use of their available assets for energy consumption on a large-scale and can drastically reduce their cost of electricity by having partial energy independence. They not only save money but also adopt clean and green energy sources that will eventually help our planet today and tomorrow.

For The Changes

What solar power was, a decade ago, has witnessed drastic and dramatic changes. We are specialised to cater to a wide range of solar requirements for industrial, institutional and commercial high voltage requirements, while we continue to offer the basic solar power solutions. To meet that purpose, we have invested in our Research & Development team to maximize our quality standards. This team is consistently focused on bringing new developments to the forefront.

For The Environment

Our larger mission is to take our company’s offerings far and wide so the dream of a greener and cleaner environment is not limited to a few countries but has a global reach. We also aim to reduce carbon emission, preserve water, save trees and vegetation with the help of our solar products.


To Lead By Example

Sungreen’s business vision is to be the best and the most reliable solar project developer and EPC service provider on a Pan India level, not only in terms of performance and service quality but also in terms of competitive pricing, exemplary customer support, efficient management of deadlines and smart usage of technology.

To Build Trust

We believe in building lifelong professional relationship with our clientele. When a client opts for renewable energy solutions, we first build trust by educating them and then build the foundation by helping them to make informed decisions with the help of our professionally acquired and transparent solar solutions.

To create sustainable brand identity

We are aware that India is at the brink of a large-scale solar revolution. With India’s solar power capacity growing by leaps and bounds, every second brand is looking to create and meet new sustainability goals. We are here to equip brands to have a sustainable brand image and help enhance their reputation in the industry.