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Financial Models


CAPEX or Capital Expenditure Model

It is the type in which, all the capital expenses of installing a solar system are to be borne by the customer. In other words, it a completely self-funded model. The expenses that come under this category are entire cost of setup, entire operational cost, cost of equipment, labour, material and upgrade costs.
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OPEX Model

The OPEX Model is also known as RESCO or Renewable Energy Service Company model. Under this model, the developer continues to own the project and the consumer simply pays for the amount of energy generated.
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Deferred Payment
Deferred Payment System
In the Deferred Payment system, the tenure ranges from 3-7 years. In this payment model, the client owns the solar asset immediately, despite the payment plan that is made on a deferred system. Alongside, Sungreen will continue to have first rights to the O& < M of the project for the entire tenure, at an additional cost.
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