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LV/HV Panel

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LV/HV Panel

Manufacturing Activities
Manufacturing of LV Electrical Control Panel & Bus Duct
Sungreen power have a state of the art plant situated in INDIA in the growing corporate city of Gurgaon; province of Haryana. The Panels are manufactured using Amada make CNC & Bending machine with 7 tank treatment of structure and then subsequently baked in Diesel Fired Powder Coating Booth to meet the coating gauge requirements of 80-120 microns. Subsequently the assembly, wiring of the panels is done wherein Bus-bar treatment is done on Bus-bar bending machines, drilling and cutting done on efficient driller and cutting machine with sleeving done in heat shrink tunnelling machine.
Sungreen power is an emerging name in the field of electrical utility community with its complete range of custom built electrical control panels (HT, MV and LT) fully type tested by CPRI, Bhopal for short circuit, temperature rise & IP protection and sheet steel fabricated components. Venus is one of the largest manufacturers in INDIA, manufacture and exporting tailor made electric and electronic switchgear assemblies (panels) up to a rating of 6000 A, 100 KA for IS. The product portfolio also consists of allied items i.e. bus ducts, control panels, drive & PLC panels, MV/HT circuit breaker panels; relay control panels etc.
The philosophy in terms of customer experience has always been
Added to this, Sungreen power consists of high calibre and experienced engineers, highly competent university graduates, designers, and draft-persons who work closely with the customer to discuss their specific requirements, and then design and produce drawings for their approval as it being Tailor made driven business enterprise. Our engineering staffs work very closely with the customer so that the design and the final product meets the requirement. We make extensive use of CAD software to prepare all approval and manufacturing drawings, utilizing our key strengths developed over past 35 years.


Equipped with computer operated sophisticated CNC machines for sheet steel fabrication and seven tank process for pre-treatment, our manufacturing units are situated at Gurgaon in the State of Haryana, India. Sungreen power has a factory covered area of 70000 sq. ft. and office blocks at various locations across India covers carpet area of 13000 sq. ft. In terms of manufacturing facilities for panels, Sungreen power leads the way for integrated facilities. Furthermore, the massive integration of augments strengthens the organizations resolve in reducing manufacturing lead times and maintaining competitive pricing.
This plant has integrated facility such as fabrication of sheet metal, surface finishing, welding, anti-corrosive treatment, powder coating, bus-bar bending and other facilities, wiring, assembly and finally testing. The complete fabrication process has been fully automated using CNC torrent punch and press brake imported from AMADA, Japan. Furthermore, the panels are carried via PLC controlled conveyors through anti corrosive treatment plant with powder coating at a temperature of 250°C within gas/diesel operated furnace. Hydraulic machines fabricate all the Bus Bars and the panels are tested for all routine tests with highly technical and calibrated testing machines. For designing, our expert engineers with fully CAD programming develop the designing and drawing to wire and bus barring the panel complete with connection by LC and DCS Systems.

Manufacturing Process

We use AMADA, JAPAN make CNC machine for entire punching, notching, piercing, shearing and forming. After this process, we will make the necessary bending by CNC Press Brake machine of AMADA, JAPAN make. As the total process is taken automatically by the signals of special soft- ware programmed through AutoCAD, the accuracy of every operation is up to a tolerance of +/- 0.005%. Where ever any bracket is to be welded it is done through spot welding without use of grinding machine. After completing the entire fabrication, all the sheet metal components under goes for anti-corrosive 7-tank hot phosphate process, i.e. alkali prickling for removing oil and fats, water rinsing to take out the scaled oil fats after alkali prickling.
Then acid prickling is done for removing the corrosion scales and washed by water rinsing and further carried to phosphating in hot condition with a bath temperature of 70 to 80 degree Celsius. Centigrade to dephosphate having thickness of 10 to 15 Micron and then sit a layer of PH washing by agitated water and finished by passivation bath. All these prickling takes place in automatic conveyer electronically programmed and sensed by PLC. After treatment, the treated sheet metal components under go for powder coating by a totally automatic process and the coated powder is baked in a heating furnace with a maintained temperature of 250 degree Celsius. This process builds up a bonding of polyvinyl 80 micron hard thick layer of powder paint, which gives an excellent; finish and long life to the sheet metals protecting anti corrosion.
The assembly shop is equipped with latest numeric tools for drilling, screwing, tapping and all the Bus Bar, are fabricated by hydraulic programmable bending machine, cutting machines which gives a perfect finish with accurate punch & ac- curacy. All the wiring is being done with adequate quality, highly insulated flexible copper wire, ISI marked with every end lugged with copper socket and all the marking ferrule printed with proper level by programmed electronic machine which gives a perfect finishing to the marks. The total finished panels are tested for routine test by calibrated instruments for continuity, high voltage insulation, High voltage breakdown, primary and secondary injection etc.

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