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Ground Mounted PV systems

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Ground-Mounted Solar Solutions For Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Spaces

You can opt for ground-mounted solar solutions if you have vacant land or space that gets enough sunlight for a larger part of the day. Thus, this becomes an ideal choice for larger commercial and agricultural areas as well as for residential spaces that have a yard or a field around. However, it is important to note that the approval of ground-mounted solar solutions is subject to government policy.
In ground mount, the solar panels are typically installed on the ground, in an area that enjoys maximum absorption of the sun’s light but has restricted uses for cultivation or on land that is vacant and unproductive.

Is Ground-Mounted Solar The Right Choice For Me?

You would be happy to know that our engineering team has an impressionable experience in solar panel installation. We carry out a comprehensive assessment of your site and share an analysis of the benefits that you can get from this installation. Our detailed consultations and findings will help us and you to finalize the right choice.
If our team finds out that ground-mount is not an ideal choice for your infrastructure, we will suggest a number of other alternatives, that will help you to meet your solar goals.

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Benefits Of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

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