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About us

Driven by Passion, Powered by Expertise

Why Was the Company Formed?

Sungreen was founded in the year 2017, as a business model that would work to eradicate the menacing problem of exorbitant energy bills and to utilize the unused parts of industrial assets to reduce carbon footprint. The primary driving force behind the formation of the company was to ensure that a conventional electricity consumer can begin a long term investment with a 500% return scope over a 25 years’ period and with a 5 years ROI period out of unusable spaces with clean, green, renewable energy through of generating power at considerably lower costs, limiting complete dependency on the power grid.

The company is currently spearheaded by VK Patodia as the director. It was his passion and inclination towards the preservation of the planet and the environment that laid the foundation for the company. Furthermore, they coupled this passion towards the environment with professional expertise in empowering more organizations and industries to use their own vacant spaces, land, sheds and farms for the generation of cheaper power while meeting their sustainability goals all through.

What Sets Us Apart?

While other solar power and renewable energy providers do exist in the industry, what sets Sungreen apart from the competition, is the undying quest of its founders to keep innovating and finding green and eco-friendly ways to cater to power problems in the society. In this regard, the company’s four strong pillars of principles happen to be- Reliability, Quality, Transparency & Customer-centric approach.

How do We Work


Since its inception, Sungreen has developed solar energy solutions for various companies, organizations and institutions all across the globe and in various locations in India, with thorough understanding of the exact requirements and framing solutions around them. Other solar companies, often refrain being honest for business and misguide clients into installing Solar Power Plants that may not contribute to ROI.

What we do differently is begin with a thorough feasibility study that includes detailed remote audit of the site and in-person visitation, a pre-project survey and studying consumption patterns, best available area and orientation, generation, savings and ROI through, strength and safety, obstacles and environmental study as well as Govt regelation through important documentation like electricity bills, premises layout, regulation etc. After the documents are examined by us and our team of professionals, discusses every possible aspect of the whole process of installation with the client, we move forward with sharing executive level design and costing and an approximate deadline. This costly survey and the design are provided free of cost to all our potential clients.

Owing to the fact that we are strictures for best-in-class quality and precision of work, we never take over a project until and unless our client is fully informed. Moreover, if our feasibility report suggests that the site in question might not be solar-friendly, we immediately inform our client instead of going ahead with the project, like most other companies do.

What We Do

As mentioned earlier, we believe in giving our clients global and premium quality products that will last a lifetime, with our expertise in operations and management. To live up to our claims, we only use BOM/BOS of tire-1 manufacturers. We also rank high in terms of safety and security. This is why we emphasize on the proper use of safety gear, complete statutory compliance and explain every detail of the project to our clients.

We follow a detailed process of analysis while beginning the project, that involves a combined study of the electrical scenario and the site analysis. Given below are all the factors that we consider during the inception of a project:

In case our clients can provide us all the documents that we request for, the entire mentioned above is conducted at Zero Cost. If the entire documentation is not available, the same process is conducted at a minimal cost to be borne by the client.

Meet the Team

Mr. S. Bhattacharya
Engineering (S/S & TIL)
Mr. S.Khan.
Manufacturing (LV/HV Panel)
Mr. S. Banerjee
EPC Solar
Mh. S. Kapoor
Marketing (Solar)
Mr. P. Tyagi
Marketing (S/S & T/L)
Mr. B. Singh
Marketing (LV/HV Panel)
Mr. C.M. Verma
Engineering (Solar)